How do I get my mother and her husband off my back?

So I apparently don't have a life. According to them. I've been on several trips but these were all with them and I for one don't enjoy going to festivals like they do, or concerts (for obvious reasons) so I'm just existing and not living. What should I be saying to shut them up? I am planning on moving out within a few years.

  • I was a bit involved with concert and festival PA for a few years. I came to realise that I really wasn't enjoying the big events. The ones where you get caught up in a maelstrom of humanity and inhumanity for 'muddy' hours on end. It occurs to me that you might want to find the sort of level of event that you can deal with, and try to drag your outlaws along with you for some new experience. It sounds like they might need it. These days I find even small folkie venues are often too 'loud' for me; but at least I can leave the building to chill out, or just plain go home early to sleep. Stuff like a weekend of quiet reflection springs to mind.

  • When you get to a certain age, you become aware that your parents are from a different generation with different values and views to you.       This is normally when teenagers rebel, dye their hair, play loud music and get told off for the clothes they wear.       It's all about wanting to be taken seriously as an individual with valid feelings and points of view.        It usually causes lots of friction until the teenager either grows out of it or leaves home.      All totally normal and natural.   This can happen at whatever age you find you don't fit any more.

    I have a couple of questions - what do you do for fun?     How do you contribute to the household to make your mum's life easier?  (washing up, shopping etc.)       How would you like to interact with your mum?

    I'm an old fart so I have lived a bit - I would advise you to think very carefully before moving out - life is VERY expensive and if you're on low income, it's really not much fun.

    You're much better off writing down all of your points and then re-write them so it doesn't sound like a long list of whining - try to put in there lots of positive things like 'I would prefer not to got to xxxxx because of xxxxxx - but I would like to try xxxxx instead.

    Then have a sit down with your mum and go through it all - I think you'll find that they will totally respect your views if they are presented in a grown up, well thought out way - and that will make them respect you much more so your life can be calmer