About me

Hi, my name is Ashley, i am 20 and autistic and also have ADHD, I am joining the forum as I would like to meet and reach out to people in similar situations to me and remind myself that I am not weird as I do often think that I'm not normal and people think I'm annoying ect, I do suffer anxiety and really want to have more people to relate to and get on with, in the the past I have unfortunately pushed people away due to being overly intense and too much for people and I can't always determine whether people are genuine or not, alot of the time I will just assume that people are against me and will have an issue with me but I am trying to come out of that and be more confident and get to know people before making assumptions.

I currently live in supported living accommodation and have regular contact with my family, my hobbies are photography, music, TV and transport, I also study motor vehicle at college and will continue this when lockdown is lifted, and I would also like to attend social gatherings and events (again, when lockdown is lifted and it is safe.

It would be lovely to here from you all and hope you stay safe in these tough times