I'm Sally.

I'm new and here to get to know more about myself and autism. I don't really understand it much. I mean I know I struggle a lot with certain things but I don't really get why that is, my doctor never explained it and now that I'm an adult I feel sort of my own in the world. Am fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive family though.

Another problem I'm facing is a mental one. I wonder if I've got a personality problem or something similar because always I feel like more than one person, every day I'm walking and living as 3-5 different people and juggling all that with my illness and life itself is becoming hard work. Is this something anyone else deals with? This problem is becoming a bigger problem and more awkward as it affects different parts of my life. Its cost me a job before and also ruined a relationship for me

But that's enough of the depressing stuff.

I live by the sea in a sweet little cottage and I also host my own book club which I hope to get back to when lock down restrictions have been lifted, if my health and sight remain good that is.

Sally xx