Introduction :)

Hi! I'm Ash and I'm an autistic teen, diagnosed when I was 12. I use she/they pronouns and I'm a lesbian. As well as autism I have complex mental health issues, so I'm homeschooled at the moment, although I do hope to go to college in the not-too-distant future to study health and social care. I love rock music and goth fashion, as well as TV shows Doctor Who and Good Omens. Leaving school has left me pretty isolated and it's made worse because I'm an only child, so I hope that chatting here will be helpful!

  • Hello Ash, welcome to the forum.

    I'm an older female aspie, married to a ma!e of the species. I like Good Omens and Doctor Who too, although not the latest series with the female doctor - Matt Smith was the best one in my opinion.

    I prefer ambient and classical music now, but when I was younger enjoyed a wide variety of musical genres including rock, pop, disco, punk, new wave, dance, etc. Some of my favourite bands and artists were David Bowie, The Clash, Gary Numan, Bryan Ferry, and The Prodigy.

    I hope you are able to fulfil your wish of going to college soon and wish you all the best.

  • Hi Ash,

    Nice to meet someone that is so unique ,,, welcome ,,,  join in here,,, have fun.,,, Start some new threads ,,, enjoy