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Eyepec A new communication App available on google play!!!

Hi my name is Tom and i have 2 sons on either ends of the spectrum, there's Oliver who's 5 he's hyperactive, hyperlexic, hyper sensitive and very smart, and there's Tyler who's 12 and on the severe end, he's nonverbal and still in nappies. Tyler has never spoke a word. He's very good with PEC's (picture exchange cards) he is also very good with tablets and mobile device's.  So i came with an idea to combine the two.

I had no idea how to get started with my idea, so i googled it.  Google told me to put a mesage on reddit so i did and within 15 mins a top guy from the other side of the world in Australia answered, he said he too had an autistic child, he was an app developer and he was willing to help. Anyway over the next 2-3 weeks over the internet we have built an app #Eyepec.

Eyepec. Eyepec is'nt like all the other PEC apps on the market because you create your own, using the device camera the user's parent/carer can go around taking pictures of familiar thing's and record a 5 sec audio over the top.

For instance Tyler is still in nappies, i could take a picture of our toilet and record over the top "I need the toilet" so if Tyler presses that picture that's what it'll say.

I could take a picture of his cup and record "Please can i have a drink?" so in a way he can ask for a drink.

There's a sentence builder that repeats anything you type in as well as having loads of pre loaded words that are attached to pre loaded picture's.

This really is the future of communication device's, its built by two Dad's who are determined to make life a little easier for all who struggle to communicate.

Its available in the Google Play Store now and soon the Apple iOS store.

It's early days so there's lots of updates, but we need people to review and leave feedback to let us know what to improve.

Thank you.

Tom Culligan

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