An Introduction

Hi I am a recently diagnosed person with autism. I say recently diagnosed but it's a long story. Basically my parents recieved a diagnosis of autism when I was seven, but because I had dyspraxia as well, they didnt want me labeled with another condition. 

So I wasn't told, until last year when both myself and my line manager at work (who is trained in such matters) realised I was showing autistic traits.

I went to my doctor and asked for testing to see if I did have autism. To my complete surprise and shock, he told me that I'd been diagnosed at seven. 

I questioned my parents about this, and they explained what I said further up in the post. This has caused some difficulties between us, and we've never really had the same relationship since. 

Anyway on a lighter note, my hobbies and interests include creative writing, sketching, reading all sorts of different books, as well as studying history. 

Thanks for reading and apologies if I've introduced myself before, but I can't quite remember if I have.