Possibly autistic, mainly asking about sex and sensory overload

Some background information my brother was diagnosed with Aspergers recently at 16 years of age. Since then I have been reading up and here are my potential autistic traits (not seeking a diagnosis particularly) when I go in the kitchen (hard floor) I walk on my tiptoes, I dont have to I just prefer it, I have always been a fussy eater and now at 22 I have realised its because of textures, carrots were too hard meat too stringy, all I ate was chicken nuggets and sausage meat wise as it was clearly softer and less offensive to me, also food couldnt touch for example beans couldnt touch chips (im now fine although the broken beans I still avoid lol) I tend to enjoy social situations but after 2 hours or so I need me time to recharge otherwise I get insanely jittery and on edge and snappy, I have always thought I had super touch sensitivity lol I felt as though I could tell if something or someone was touching me when others wouldnt notice the stimulus, That leads me to now. I am 22 and always thought I was asexual until I started dating other men, I have not had sex with anyone yet but have noticed some interesting things. I am wondering are my reactions not asexuality but instead autism and sensory overload? basically being touched in some areas such as my nipples is too intense, I didnt even realise guys felt things there, but the stimulus is overwhelming. Hugging and being close is beautiful its such a nice feeling. Kissing I can do for my partner but it gives me no sexual pleasure and ends up where im going through the motions methodologically until they seem content. I do get aroused very quickly and frequently by being touched delicately and even a nice hug. 

Question is does this sound like some sort of sensory overload and potential autism thing? or am I just a bit asexual? or both? 

Any tips would also be nice. I really like this guy. he knows im not super sexual and to take things slow. 

Thanks guys :) 

PS. Also I dont mean to take away from anyone else, its just autism is on a spectrum so maybe I have very very slight traits? Also the sensory overload during sexual things is like irritability and say being stroked too much it just gets overwhelming and I feel like im screaming inside stop stop stop because its all I can focus on, at other times or other things can be okay but some things at some times can be too much.