A Brief intro from a newby member

Hello All!

               I'm a newly joined member to this forum! And am hoping to find friends in and around the Shropshire area. I am an aspie myself and am a student studying at university and am looking for social events in and around this area.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Calvin&Hobbes Fan

  • Hello, I hope you find a group. Just be careful meeting people online. Ive mad this mistake a couple of times. Meet in a safe place they said...I done this, but they asked me to walk them home! I had met in a public place  like said so thought all was good! I was younger then and not so aware as I am now. I took things more literal also. Not trying to put you off but also please be careful 

  • Just be careful meeting people online.

    Hey mouse2 thank you for your reply. The intention of that post was not as you say to meet people that you have only met purely online but rather, to meet people in person using online means. Sorry I should have made this a lot clearer in my post.

  • www.shropshireautonomy.co.uk/

    I can't actually give you a proper personal endorsement of this site, as I'm not resident in the UK. I know they have both support group activities and social events. But perhaps that is one you have already considered.

  • How close are you to Crewe and/or Chester?


    Again, I haven't actually been to one of these monthly meetings yet. But I have had dealings with the organisation, and I know I'm welcome to attend when I'm next in the UK. But I have often listened to podcasts of the meetings. (You hear both the presenter and a lot of participant interaction.) But if you attend at Crewe Lifestyle Centre, you are not actually obliged to interact, and can leave when/if you want

    There are also some recorded visual presentations on the site after some meetings. Use the contact details on the site to just check with them that it is OK for you to attend. As far as I know, they are happy to receive visitors who have not been diagnosed at their clinic.There's a meeting on August 28th, and the facilitator is a well-known associate of the organisation. If previous recorded meetings with her are anything to go by, it will be both useful and entertaining.There were about 50 people at last month's meeting.

    The organising clinic is actually in Chester. But I guess that isn't too far away either. They have social activities in Chester area too. A film society is one example. See the website for details.The organising clinic is a growing concern, with quite a few associates, with different responsibilities.

    Just one thing though. At the last meeting it was indicted that they won't be dealing with benefits issues in future. That apparently is something they feel increasingly detracts from their intended support role; and they also feel that NAS itself is better-placed on that issue.