Others not myself

I am autistic and have been diagnosed since 2012.

Since then I decided being a role model for others was the way to go - forget about myself and help others on the spectrum.

The last 7 years, I forgot that I was important too and I didn't understand that I needed to learn what autism means for me and how it affects me, my focus was only on supporting others.

The whole time I did this, I kept masking the autism until finally getting autism burnout recently that also meant I was having constant seizures.

I started a new job in February and have been very much supported but due to working in a Support role for a student with autism, that student will be leaving the college at the end of term, meaning there will be no further funding and I will have no job.

On top of this my father became very unwell and has spent 2 months in hospital, throughout this I have received very little support and none for my autism with those closest to me saying that they have not wanted to try to understand my life with autism, and this has meant that I have felt very isolated and got to the point where I feel at crisis point with the autism. 

I don't know what happens next in my life - I do know that I need to somehow find myself with autism, to accept myself because I have no one around me who cares enough to support me. 

I guess my question is - has this happened to anyone else and how do you deal with it?