I think I may be on the Specturm.

Hey guys, I'm 16yrs, I’m not sure if young people post on here much, but I need some advice from you all. I have researched Autism and its traits and A LOT of them apply to me! I want some insight from you all before I go to a doctor and talk about it. I don’t just want to show up saying “I think I’m Autistic” without having any other opinions but my own.  

Here are all of my traits:

  1. I am very outgoing towards my family and friends who I know super well.  I am super shy with strangers and new people.
  2. I take things very literally. I don’t understand jokes or sarcasm. Sarcasm is a big problem for me. My friends always tease me about it.
  3. I respond very poorly to change. I hate change. If I made a plan for my day and then someone wrecks it, I get very upset. If the schedule at my school changes, I have a panic attack. Routine brings me comfort. New situations don’t. I sit at the exact same spot at lunch everyday and if someone invites me to sit somewhere else, I get very anxious and want to escape wherever I am to my normal space.
  4. I am a very sensitive person. I definitely have Sensory Processing disorder.  I hate tags and tight clothes, I hate loud noises and crowds, I hate flashy lights, I don’t like restaurants, concerts, cafeterias, stadiums there all too much! I basically fight sensory overload daily.
  5. I find it easier to socialize with people who are younger than me. I connect with them better. Finding real friends is very hard for me!
  6. I am obsessed with psychology and the human brain.  I can talk about it for hours and hours and go at it all day long.
  7. It's really hard for me to express my thoughts. My speech is very scattered. I tend to stutter a lot. I can communicate what I’m trying to say wayyy better in writing than speaking. When talking in conversations, I always have to pause and think about what I’m trying to say and how I’m going to say it.
  8. I hate making eye contact with people. It’s really awkward.
  9. I stimm a lot without knowing it and when I’m anxious. Rocking back and forth, rubbing my hands together, clearing my throat, sniffing, repeatedly counting in my head or saying certain words over and over again, (I have many more)
  10. Confused about what other people want from me. I don’t understand there intentions.
  11. I hate transitioning. When I’m engrossed in something and then someone tells me to do something else, arggg, it’s the worst! I get very upset and angry.
  12. I’ve taken many online tests to see where I am and all of them say I have a high score and that its lilkley.

So yeah, I can explain more but I need some opinions. You can ask me any questions you would like.  I’ll answer.