Hello and this is me and what I’m doing!

My son is autistic (diagnosed in 2016), and so I was interested when my friend told me that the hero in her novel was autistic. She had wanted to have her novel made into a film but she didn’t want it to be the usual kind of Hollywood film - too big, too noisy and, basically, sensory overload - so she decided to do it herself.

I have been working on it with her for a long time and (I’m ashamed to admit), I never thought she’d manage to raise the funds or get professional actors - but she did both. With some help from me. I work as an actor and I know a lot of great actors around here and very soon we were filming. In Malton and Old Malton and York and the surrounding area.

It’s got to the stage, now, where we’re trying to find an audience. My friend is about to launch it through Amazon and I want her to at least break even. However, she hasn’t got any money set aside for publicity and she has no-one but the people who were working on it to spread the word.

She needs to sell the film to at least 4,000 people on HD to break even so I’m doing my best to find people I think would enjoy it.

It’s in an autism-friendly style and I just hope it gets a chance to be “out there”!

Here is the trailer. The film comes out - available through Amazon - in early June.

Please feel free to share! Many thanks!