Hi there

Hi everybody

My son wasn't diagnosed with Asperghers, Adhd and anxiety disorder until his late twenties. This meant he (nor I) had any support coping with his difficulties. Truthfully others were quick to blame me for his behaviour as a child. 

He lives independently and he has ended up in a situation where he doesn't work. I think he would have a lot to offer in a supported role. 

Anyway over the years although he manages his money fairly well,  the issue he has had is peopke taking advantage of him, 'borrowing' money. A few months ago he had a large back payment of ££££'s. This caused him a great deal of anxiety. He has wanted to give tge money to me for safe-keeping. I have been a little relyctant to do this but now I think it's the right thing. I was wondering if anyone would have any advice as to the best way of going about this. 

Thank you in advance.