I have my first appointment with the Autism clinic next week.

All my notes are prepared, i'm pretty anxious but otherwise in regards to assessment i'm ok.

What i'm most struggling with is being incredibly lonely. I'm 25 and have no friends. I have a partner but he doesn't seem to understand what is going on at all and thinks i need to change. (Everyone needs to change but doesn't seem to appreciate my better qualities i.e openness, honesty, needing to always know the truth)

All i've ever wanted is friends. Im great at first meetings, i can talk about myself forever but when asking others questions, i just dont know how to carry conversations on. Mostly as i just want the answer to the question i asked.

Does anyone want an email penpal or anything? I dont mind age or interests. Just someone who can relate to me would be nice! 

Trying to stay positive, hope you're all enjoying your days.

- Seb