Transition to UK after completing high school abroad - advice sought on foundation diplomas, transition programmes

Hi All,

My 18 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome here in the US about 3 years ago.  With the help of an in-school programme he is graduating high school soon with reasonable grades from a narrowed curriculum (English, Maths, History and his favourite, Art). 

He is British and Mexican, has lived in Mexico but not in the UK.  I now want to bring him to the UK for his transition to adult life, for studies (whether academic or vocational) and a pathway into work.  He speaks Engish, French and Spanish.

I am looking at 1 year Art/Design foundation diploma programs as one pathway - he was good skills in drawing and photography.  I would really appreciate any recommendations from the community of colleges with a good environment for AS kids, that offer these kinds of programs, that will help him explore topics such as Art and Design, but also perhaps business studies, coding, accounting other areas that could help him be employable.

I would also be willing to engage a consultant/advisor with specialist knowledge in this area if you have someone to recommend.