Getting help.

My wonderful son is now 19 years old. He has Aspergers , he has the most amazing sense of humour and everybody loves him. Now my reality.. he finished college in June 2018. Both me and my Husband work full time. In the beginning of November 2018 I called adult social services to register my son , so he can qualify to do voluntary work at a nearby park with other adults. Thomas will not go out alone and would be vulnerable if he did. So were working,  Thomas is home alone, doing computer, tv etc. Totally not ideal. I am often in touch with social services and always get the same reply...your on our list. Today I threw in that I work in residential child care and know what I'm talking about when I say Thomas needs to be processed bloody quickly.  Thomas is now making new routines and problems for himself, as he is not getting the proper help. I have told social services today that it is becoming a safeguarding issue. I am currently awaiting a response.  What else can I do. I'm getting pretty annoyed now. Any ideas!!!

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