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It's great to join the forum.  I was motivated to do so as yesterday for the second time in my short son's life he would have been excluded from his independent school - I was given the choice to voluntarily withdraw him so that it did not go on his record. So NO choice really.  I spoke to MASH who were amazing and they put things in perspective for me and confirmed that the occurrence in question was very 'low level' and if he had been in mainstream school he would not have been excluded.  

I am very sad and frustrated that independent schools seem to be able to do as they like with no easy come back - I have seen what this has done to a young boy of 7 and now a young man of almost 13 who feels he has lost all of his friends again - at what point do these schools take the responsibility for what they are doing to 'vulnerable' children like my son who need support and education rather than being walked off the premises for the last time!

Thank goodness for the local council and SENDIAS who have helped me enormously in addition I have been lucky enough to get involved with raising money and support a local dyslexia charity/workshop and have so many contacts and people that understand my position and have been able to advise me.

Does anyone else feel the same and if so have you complained successfully?