Hello all. I am new. My 7yo is on the spectrum. How can I best support him?

Hello everyone, 

I am new to this forum. I have a 7yo boy who is on the spectrum. We received a formal diagnosis a couple of months ago. It's been though on me and I have been in denial for a while as he has always been bright academically. He is very smart,  has a bubbly personality and wants to makes friends but lacks in social skills. He doesn't have many friends at school, is not invited to his peers birthday parties and is sad about it. We haven't discussed the diagnosis with him yet and his classmates are not aware.

When did you share the news with your child? with his/her classmates? Is 7yo not too early? 

Also what do you do after a diagnosis? I have enrolled in a course to get a better understanding on the asd  but I am clueless on the help that is available around. Do your children see psychologists regularly? Any information, suggestion would be very much appreciated!

Looking forward to your replies. Thank you!