Hello, I'm new around here

Hello Everyone 

It has taken me quiet while to sign up to this forum but I have now decided it the time to start joining a community where everyone else wired up differently and understand what autism is e.t.c

I was diagnosed with autism when it was a very new condition and when it was just one level and label to say you have faulty wiring. 

It has been challenging for me through my childhood having to go through the care system then into adopted family then the fighting the powers in charge to get the right support for me. it just be one big struggle after another and my friend network is not big and I have some really unusually hobbies and past times. they are activity that my brains does to work out what everyone else is doing in the world. I'm currently setting up a blog looking a bus routes past and present and trying to my own network out of them. 

I would love to get to know everyone little better before giving my full autism story as mine is very complex as Imagine so is everyone else story. 

See you for now 

The Jolly Giant