New here struggling with aggressive defiant 17 year old boy with gaming addiction

Hi we are new here and new to our local area. We have a 17 year old verbally aggressive and defiant boy with a gaming addiction of 7 years and no school attendance for the past 5 years. We would like to join a parent support group in Nottingham as we are desperate to connect to others in a similar situation. Meltdowns are now so disruptive that we are really struggling. Also our Aspie has refused the diagnosis and refuses all help. Please can anyone recommend a support group in the Nottingham area. Thank you 

  • The only reassuring thing I can say, is that a gaming addiction is better than a gambling addition.

  • From my own experience growing up with Asperger's, can I suggest is that you try to be as kind, gentle and understanding as possible? After a while of facing no "opposition", chances are your 17 year old will mellow in attitude and re-engage to the best of his ability.

    Video games are a Godsend, in my case coping with my wakeful hours (plenty of those as I am insomniac) would simply be impossible otherwise. All the best.

  •  Q1, Do You or others believe your young man is autistic, does he has other signs visible to you and others. They are well documented, and some of the ablest discus their problems etc on this website.

    While playing endless games in a make believe world is used by Autistic and non autistic children and adults to escape into a world they may feel at ease with, being able to cope with the game, as it does not need any specific education (Unless it is Educational in some way).

    Q2. do these games he plays cost him money for credits, or does he have access to your credit Cards, or forces you by flare ups to pay money for his games.  If So He is a Gambling Addict, or fast becoming one and really needs specialist help. 

    Unfortunately a lot of today's "Games" are designed to be addictive and never ending.

     The fact that he has not attended school for 5 years must mean that your son and you have been failed by the State, your previous Local Council if resident in the UK, and another Council continues to do so.

    I can only suggest that you go to your CAB office and seek help. Your MP should be made aware of how the State and your has failed you and your family. Keep a diary of who you speak to, what is discussed, Names of People, etc.

    To me it is highly probable that your son is autistic and the State/Council has failed him. especially those connected with Children as they have classified him as an adult to escape their responsibilities for children.

    Please see also your GP as your son needs help from somebody.