Hello :)


I've joined under recommendation of a mental health care professional. 

I've had trouble with my mental health for many years and now in my mid-twenties its believed that all these difficulties are due to undiagnosed autism. 
I'm looking to find out more about autism in adult women and the effects autism has on daily life. Any treatments that may be useful (I've read somewhere that CBT can be effective), any coping mechanisms that aren't harmful etc.

I'm also just looking for general support during my diagnosis period. The NHS obviously missed all this so I paid for a private assessment, I now have to wait for my GP to refer me to specialists in Cambridge to have my official diagnosis. 
I'd also appreciate stories anyone might have on how their families coped with the diagnosis. My family have no idea about my mental health struggles and I'm scared I would disappoint them when I tell them. 

Thanks for reading so far and I'm looking forward to having a nose ache around the community.