Amazing improvements with Zinc supplement for 9 year old boy

A few months ago I read about a recent Australian study which showed that Zinc supplementation can help reverse brain cell changes in autism (see below link or google it).  I have a 9 year old boy with high functioning autism and decided to give zinc a try with an everyday supplement.  

Within a week of starting the zinc my son's teacher took me aside and said that he had been having an amazing week, concentrating and getting involved with the class much more than ever before!  I had also been noticing that it had been a really good week with him at home, but it wasn't until a few days after these conversations that I realised that it could be the zinc because I'd assumed it would take ages to work and was also very sceptical about anything alternative.  

I continued with the zinc for the rest of the term and he did really well at school, but then as we all have busy lives I started forgetting to give it to him and didn't really bother with it for a couple of months.  He started not concentrating at school so much, misbehaving at home etc and I remembered about the zinc and started it again on a daily basis, and had exactly the same reaction as before - a marked improvement in his behaviour within a few days.  

I have health problems myself and have tried so many alternative medicines etc and none have worked so I am extremely sceptical but this is so simple and seems to REALLY work for my son so I hope that by writing this it helps some others too.  The supplement I have used daily is Natures Aid Immune Support because it has 10mg of Zinc and is a liquid (like Calpol) and isn't stuffed with all sorts of other things, although I'm sure other supplements would probably work similarly if they have a similar amount in them.  Be aware that there are different forms of zinc (zinc sulphate, zinc citrate, zinc gluconate etc) and I don't know about which is better, I just know what works for my son!

I hope this helps some other children!