CBD oil for three year old?

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has any experience of giving a young child CBD oil ? My son is three and on the spectrum. He has lots of words but doesn’t use language functionally and also appears to have problem comprehending. He’s extremely hyper and I feel being able to calm him down would be the first step in learning how to interact and express himself. I put CBD in the search on the website here but no articles appeared, which I find strange given it’s a big subject. Thanks in advance.

  • Hiya. I was reading a long thread on the pda Facebook site on medications and cbd came up, some parents said it was amazing, gummies, like sweets are available now, 10mg each I didn’t expect much but have given some to my pda’er. Wow! We can see a difference, definitely. The trouble is no where gives advice on dosages, I would like to try a higher dose but am wary as can’t find much info, it seems so variable. So worth a try though. And they taste really good! Some parents went from 5mg to 25mg and on other websites I read much higher doses are given. Anything that would help my son would be amazing, he’s an anxious school refuser -  but so little research! 

  • there are videos on youtube by parents ( USA usually ) who do this sort of thing. For some it appears to work but I am worried it is a really clever advertisement whereby the parents are sellers so be careful. Make sure you know the dosage ( mg ) you are giving your child.

  • How desperate are you? Maybe wait till his brain has developed a bit more. I am totally into the weed - cbd oil etc. It is not oil r4eally but a tincture extracted into veg oil. If it was actually oil it would blow thier heads off. 

    The secrets to the universe and meaning of life are all locked up inside Cannabis. It is Gods plant and anything that is against it is Satan. It is called the great deception. 

  • The Holand and Barrat stuff is your best option for now.