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Hearing my pulse in my ear?

At night for the past week or so, I've [20F] been hearing a soft whooshing noise in my left ear in correlation to my heartbeat. The other ear is fine. I've tried yawning and the works to get it to stop, but it only makes it a softer sound for a few minutes. I only notice it happening at night, and it's honestly very distracting for me to do work. I looked up pulsing tinnitus, but that seems more of a constant thing, and mine seems very nocturnal? I also sit in quiet during the day time, so I don't think its directly noise related.

Also, I've been getting killer headaches for the past week as well, but I don't think those are related. Those seem more related to me sleeping wrong, rather than a head issue.

To clarify, I've never really had hearing problems, except for a single isolated incident. I was 13 on a plane, and had some serious ear pressure issues. I fly a lot, so I usually know how to take care of it. But this time, I kept hearing a squeaking sound in my ear whenever I yawned, and a friend told me to hold my nose and blow. So i did...and apparently I screamed in pain, but I couldn't hear it. I didn't even learn about me screaming until years later. For the rest of the day, putting in earphones hurt, but everything went away the next day.


my issue has been solved!!


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  • (OK, here goes...) Greetings. There is no illness or problem with hearing Your Heartbeat in Your Ears, even if that lasts for many Years.

    Given everything else You write, however, I would suggest going for a proper Hearing Test via any place that does this, and also telling *everything* which You wrote here to Your GP. It sounds as if Your Ears (or just the left ear) have been literally 'bent out of shape' due to STRESS either past or recent. The Aircraft incident You mention may have made Your ears a bit more sensitive than those of common persons.

    Hope You understand all of that. (!) But a main thing I wanted to say was the following...

    a friend told me to hold my nose and blow. So i did.

    DO NOT DO THIS! This is bad advice which only works to cure a small problem such as having a bit of water in the ears or such like - it is a kind of Social Myth, in that it works for some problems but not for all. Truth be told, it is a medical fact that if You blow Your Ears in this way too hard then You *will* burst Your Eardrums, and that is just like blowing Your Nose until it bursts! 

    Think of Your ears as two actual Drums, two finely-tuned instruments, which can operate both ways - in and out. They are also linked to the rest of Your Body, and so do take care of them. If You feel pain or hear something strange then Your Ears are letting You know that they are, as I said, bent out of shape or need attention.

    To close this post... for Myself, sometimes when listening to headphones I get a hissing noise for a couple of days as well. The Ears will react to sounds whether the sound is consciously recognised or not. This post is long so I should close it now.

  • Had something similar myself a few years ago due to, or at least concurrent with, a nasty inner ear infection.  Didn't even know I had an infection until one night I rolled over in bed and it suddenly felt like someone just jumped on my head.  The pulsing thing remained for quite a while after the infection was treated, even now I'll get it when I have a cold or a stuffy nose for whatever reason.  You can confirm it's pulse related (vs tinnitus)  by simply doing anything that'll elevate your heart rate, walk up some stairs or whatever.

  • My only experience with this was with my late wife who had the same thing. I even put my ear against hers & I could hear it ! In her case it was serious anemia. She was given 5 units of blood within hours going to the doctor. I'm not trying to scare you. If you can I'd suggest a visit to your GP, it looks like there could any number of things that could be causing this. In my wife's case it was fairly serious so worth being on the safe side. Let us know how you get on ?

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