What Happens If I Start A Thread About That "Coronavirus" Thing...?

Greetings, All... S'Me. Yes There is already a Thread about this, but I did not want to possibly invite whatever may happen upon this Thread onto another (innocent!) User, so, I begin this separate Thread here (a bit like My "Climate Change" Thread).

In social media this is currently a hot/constant topic, and rightly so... yet I have certain views concerning it which I was wondering about. Please try to be nice and I apologise in advance if I offend/anger anyone...


...Apologies that this is from "The Daily Express", but it is about the closest to what I M'self was thinking about this 'Coro-Flu'-Thing currently going on. Social Media *loves* to highlight Death, Destruction, Suffering, Contagion, etc. etc... but I have seen VERY few articles mentioning "survival rate" rather than "death rate" about Coro-Flu... and fewer articles pointing out that it is a version of INFLUENZA. 

I suffer badly from FLU Myself, and so do all of the things now recommended ("Social distancing", hand washing, etc.) as a matter of course. But now it is recommended for all to do...

In Japan, wearing face-masks is a common practice, for example. 

Also, in this Thread, I am carefully wondering about the following approach... Coro-Flu is just ordinary Influenza but has an "Identifiable Tag" of sorts; and that if *all* Influenza-s were able to be tracked in this way, then all of the statistics would be similar. (Regardless of starting point.)

...Pretty much post whatever You may want, anyone... I am seeking opinion. Even ordinary Influenza is not nice at all, but it is *not necessarily fatal*, and that is what was difficult to find out about this Coro-Flu-Thing.

  • This summary of the estimated Case Mortality Ratio suggests that you are on the right track. It's worth reading it through to see the caveats about the headline figure - i.e. underestimation of the number of cases due to mild infections not being reported, variances due to availability of healthcare, etc. The ratio for areas of China outside of Wuhan is in the same ball-park as seasonal flu, for example.

    Transmission rate estimates that I've seen, including in the WHO report, suggest around 10% for those in close contact, and substantially lower for casual contact - again, not exactly the Black Death.

    My overall impression is that, as you suggest, it is most likely no more serious than many seasonal flu viruses, and that with elections/Brexit etc. now fading from the news, and the virus having been dubbed with some catchy names, there's a lot of scare-mongering going on to generate click-throughs for online "news" sources and newspaper sales. The WHO have been jittery ever since the Ebola scare, which they did handle extremely badly, and there has been quite a bit of criticism that they've bowed under the "image management" of the Chinese authorities who are desperate not to look culpable for reacting poorly in Wuhan.

    That's not to say that we shouldn't all be careful, of course we should; but the degree of panic seems to me out of all proportion with any empirical estimations of the real danger.

  • You get eaten by Trolls. 

    "" "" I'm joking of course "" "" "

    I've restrained my self with God's iron resolve not to talk about what everyone wants to talk about but doesn't have the minerals to real say WTF is going on and do I need to be worried, 

    From what I can see if your old and have a poor amunity to virus then stay away, but other than that wash your hands and stay away from pensioners. Ha

    (just to put it out there I'm a little bit upset so if this reads really bad then it's because I feel like ***, (cry for help!) probably. 

  • I really don't know what to believe in the press,  even the guardian is scaremongering. 

  • The whole thing is probably a storm in a teacup, but I think I'll pick up a reusable respirator half-mask and UVC lamp all the same.  Already have hand sanitiser and wipes in the car as a matter of course, plus pasta and stuff in the chest freezer to live for a while.  At least assuming the power/water doesn't go out.

    The panic buying of toilet roll is an odd one.  I'd have assumed people would want the essential apocalypse survival stuff like coffee and booze and chocolate.  Plenty of fine literature around here to be commandeered in case of emergency.

  • People who know me on this site, will be aware that I have anxiety and mental health problems and I tend to stock up unnecessarily at the best of times.

    I think my current stock is sufficient for at least a couple of months if my area is placed into quarantine,  and the supermarkets don't receive new stock, or people panic buy.

  • All I need to do is wash my hands and bin my tissues after using them.

    "The Media have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent!" (Malcolm X)

  • Greetings, All, especially those who replied so far!

    This may be a thing I am doing too much lately, of being very grateful to all who replied so far, to know that I am not alone in thinking parts of what I posted. In any case this is a general Thanks.

    It seems that this Coro-Flu is indeed just a thing to be *both* worried about and not worried about. Just like "ordinary" Influenza... a very nasty virus which I do not like. It is just now occurring to plain folk that Flu is an airborne bad thing, hence the Media and the "social distancing" and that it should not be just dismissed as "a bit of the sniffles, You'll be fine inna couple of days."...

    Thanks again to all so far for this Thread could have been far worse than it so far is. (No haters, yet...) 

  • I've stopped my panic buying and will now just top up to keep a healthy supply.  One on my worries is that although I have plenty of cereals, there could could be a fresh milk shortage in any quarantine situation.  And I hate the taste of long life milk.

    The toilet roll drama continues.  They sell out as fast as shops fill up the shelves.  I was in waitrose this afternoon.  The only toilet rolls available were waitrose own brand.  Is this an example of middle class snobbery,  shop own brand products are not good enough to *** on?

    I did however see one woman with three packs of 16 roll andrex paper in her trolley.

  • The shelves are being emptied of Loo roll...like no other times ive ever noticed!

    Im presently in london at a hospital,that has a coronavirus ,quarantined-pod!..

    Many people here with masks and breathing through the neck of their jumpers...

  • It's definitely spiking my anxiety levels something rotten.. although it's more a concern about social events that might be called off. Especially the Passion Play I'm involved in at Easter.