* this thread needs YOU ! *, Which car/motorbike/tractor/drone/plane/skateboard/surfboard/boat/train is the coolest ever

I used fast cars, motorcycles, drinking beer, fighting, chasing women, and having bad relationships to try to fit into society but the real issue was I was on the spectrum.

It took me a long  time to work out what the real issue was. Have you had a similar experience ?

did you up the adrenalin in your life to try and fit in ? like climbing ice mountains at night with a torch on your head !

did you drink far too much to overcome your lacking social skills ? Funny stories are most welcome as well of course we do need a laugh.

Have you made a complete tit of yourself ? lets us know please.

Did you join the army or the navy by mistake ?  lets us know please. 

does driving cars and/or motorcycles help calm your autism related anxiety or make it worse (eg road rage) ? lets us know

did autism cause you to be so aggressive you got arrested a lot,,,, how did you deal with it, how did your parents deal with it ?

telling jokes about your autism and autistic mistakes is most welcome

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  • what has 4 wings and flies?

    ...An Eagle that has just eaten a Bat.

    ...A Bat that has had a rather unsuccessful night of hunting, and has only managed to catch & eat *one* very large Moth.

    ...A Dog, which, as some Dogs like to do, has swallowed a Butterfly and/or two Houseflies.

    (...or Maybe I should stop thinking about answers to this Question *quite* so much, now...?)