autism awareness/alert cards

Maybe until a year ago, NAS used to sell autism business cards, that are a stack of 50 business cards. I had been thinking about getting them after my diagnosis, in case during emergency situations that they come in handy. They had an Asperger one and an autism one:

But somehow these have completely disappeared form the website...

And the only alert card left is this:

...which is more like a wallet information pack with emergency contacts. And I'm not interested in purchasing this one, since (1) it's a wallet itself, it will be too big to fit into my wallet, and I don't need to have two wallets. (2) There's also only one leaflet inside, so you'll have to buy a new one if it's damaged. (3) And the main card is a big emergency contact card, which I prefer not to have - I would just like the information about autism.

I have been looking at some thinner cards, and haven't really found one that I'm totally satisfied. I wish NAS will reproduce it's old Aspergers and autism cards...

Here are a list of some that I've looked at:

Berkshire Autism Alert Card
problem: I do not live in Berkshire

ARGH Autism Alert Card
problem: the word "ATTENTION" is so huge. The back of the card is mainly used to provide an emergency contact number.

Autism Anglia Alert Card
problem: the word "ATTENTION" is so huge. What's worse is that it seems so specific to POLICE and EMERGENCY SERVICES. Not useful for a smaller meltdown. Not much information about autism on the back either, most space is used to provide your name and the name of two contacts.

The Curly Hair Project Autism Alert Card 
problem: not official, has trademark branding and website on it. The back of the card still has space for you to write down your name and the name of an emergency contact. (though I do like the amount if information it provides and good font size too).

Stickman Communications Autism Alert Card
They actually have a lot of autism cards, for example: 
problem: not very official, has artist's signature and website on it. (I do like the fact that it's more about sharing information, rather than getting someone to get an emergency contact. And they have all sorts of cards for different situations).

So...I can't really find one I'm satisfied with. I think the old NAS business cards were good. Now, problems with other cards include, too much emphasis on POLICE services, really bad font size with ATTENTION capitalised, the requirement of putting your name and the name of emergencies contacts on, or non-official cards with trademark branding on.

Does anyone have any other recommendations of getting a satisfying card they can easily put into their wallet as a safety-net?