Does everyone feel that you are not being taken seriously when you are talking to public bodies and NHS staff

Hi, I am currently seeking a late diagnosis and am in my 40s.

I get the feeling that they have seen it all before. And the care you receive is not personalised. Just a kinda this is what I do when someone says x.

I asked for an Adult social assessment because I am not diagnosed and need some help. And I was told that because I do not have an autism diagnosis they will not be sending a qualified person from the autistic team. I nearly bit my tongue in half. I'm glad I had it in an email.

According to care law, they are supposed to use someone qualified to assess you. I decided to go for the test.

What happened was not a care assessment but a community care plan. That looked at me being able to use my phone to make reminders. I am fuming. It was like talking to a brick wall. I had my support worker and he was stressed. I was taking too long to talk with my stutter.

Is this a normal frustration

Or some kind of autistic thing to always have people follow rules?

What are peoples take on this?

Did you get a social care assessment or something else?

Any advice welcome.

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