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I know PIP is not a given and I know there are people worse than me but I have jesus been turned down flat for Pip , In a nutshell  according to DWP I am too intelligent , too cognitive, too insightful and gave eye contact also I speak well and have a good memory .

I have asked for a mandatory reconsideration .

I did sent in my Autism Assessment diagnosis 

  • Sorry to hear this. Like others have said PIP is based on a strict set of criteria. I have numerous qualifications and work 4 days a week as a teacher but I still receive enhanced rate daily living as being autistic severely impacts on my life in a number of ways.

    If you feel you meet the criteria, do you have independent  examples of this that can support your application, such as GP notes, Access to Work reports etc? I believe that sending this evidence has been the key to my successful claims. As per the example below when filling out the form I state how I meet the criteria then highlight where the relevant evidence can be found

    Communicating verbally

    As an autistic individual, I struggle immensely with communicating verbally. Firstly, I have an overwhelming fear of phones and will not answer unless I know what the call is about. Due to this, I do not plug in my phone at work and use email instead, as demonstrated in the email from xxx on the 3rd September 2018. Secondly,xxx

    The email on the 3rd septwas from a colleague explaining how she knows 'I don't do phones' so did I want my email putting on a staff contacts list instead

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