Relationship advice two aspies= too much confusion??


My new boyfriend lives very near me and stays at mine four nights a week. I believe- and so dose he- that he may also be an aspie, which may be part of what makes it difficult for us. 

He spends most of his time on his phone on fb looking though videos/memes including when hes at mine. Iv started trying to get him to watch films with me, but he shows little interest and expects me to- what seems like, to me- aimlessley watch his phone with him. One of the things we do enjoy together is cooking, but he works long hours, so other than that he just wants to sleep- some would say he gets more than needed sometimes. 

He just recently sent me a txt saying he loved me (first time, the L word) but I did think this should of been said to my face, and almost took it as if to not beleive he was sincere. The problem is I start to feel a bit used at times- maybe because his affection is difficult to read. The other night I wanted us to get out because of the same fb senario and he snapped "It seems ur never happy unless Im spending money on you". He is not paying any amount for 4 days of food/electric, so when we go out I expect him to pay (cinema in farnbough is 5£ per ticket atm also). He acts like Im high maintenance! But I feel like maybe he also has the same worry I have- of being used.

I feel like he may be taking advantage of me, then other times I think hes got aspergers too (therefore dosent think things through properly), and Im being paronoid. When I asked him why he dosent make conversation anymore he said its because I always confuse everything he says- but I have normal conversations with colleages. Also why confess ur love to someone you dont want to talk to?

Im begining to think that a relationship between two aspies is not going to work... help!