Phone Calls with Bank

Not the best day, been left feeling quite shaken and unhappy over a situation. And the fact I've also dealt with learning a new thing today that I have never done before. 

How have people coped or what strategies/techniques do you use or try when it comes to calling up a bank about an issue?

Cos unfortunately I've had an issue which involved calling up 'Customer Service'. I'm 24 and I have never called up a bank before, literally today was the first day I've ever done it. And I ended up calling about 6 times, first few times I had to end call during the machine cos I didn't understand the questions. And then when I got through I was shaking on the phone, I had to make the people aware of my Aspergers and that I'm not great with memory, some of them were very supportive where as some of them didn't know what to do or say. I'm now getting it sorted but has anyone had similar experiences when calling up or answering questions, I also have a fear with phone calls cos it's always that barrier when I don't know how to answer or know what to expect on the phone. I always plan like.. a script before calling someone, so I know what to say or what to say to a certain answer. If it's someone I know personally I have no problems, but I literally shake and on occasion, including today, have a 'sensory overload' when it comes down to phone calls,

  • I HATE phone calls. Especially with people I don't know. I don't like the automated things either. I always seem to need something that isn't said in the options and then can't work out which option to press. When I do speak to a person I end blurring everything out and then they have no idea what I'm talking about. I can get really frustrated when trying to deal with things on the phone.

  • I'm pretty okay with things like phoning my bank because I know how it all works and what they are likely to ask me for all the basic things (problems with my card, needing to transfer money or make a payment etc). Before I was used to it, I used to find it so hard-have definitely made calls that have ended up with me hanging up several times trying to navigate the automated menu-and I would still rather go into my branch for anything I can. But I get SO anxious and put it off as much as possible if I have to phone a business or do something on the phone I've not done before. I think its the uncertainty that bothers me, it always feels to me that there's just this black hole on the other end-I don't know how or if I will end up speaking to the right person who can help me, or if I'll need to ask to get put through to a specific department or person, I'm not good at explaining issues and I don't know if they'll understand what I'm talking about etc.

    I think practice is the key. It gets easier with practice once you know how the system works (perfectly okay to just listen to all the automated options and go through them again as many times as you need-don't feel rushed), and what they are going to ask you when you speak to an actual person. I always make sure I have what I want written down; it's best to start simple with just one sentence (e.g. 'I want to make a complaint about x', 'I have a problem with my card.') rather than trying to explain your whole problem/what you want from them all at once, and then let them ask for the pertinent information. Don't feel stupid if you have to ask them to repeat themselves, they can be hard for anyone to understand because a lot of them have call centres based abroad and there's often background noise. Have important information written down ready, and a piece of paper and a pen with you in case you need to write something down. Take a few deep breaths, find a time of the day where you have a good few minutes to yourself and time to calm down after. Sometimes if I'm really dreading a phone call, I make it my one big 'thing to do' on a day I don't really have any other priorities, and then if that's all I get done because I know it's going to be really stressful, then that's fine, and I don't have to worry about anything else that day, and then I reward myself with something (personally chips, or cake motivate me quite a bit :) ).