Hyper/hypo sensitivity to pain

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the forum and hoping someone might have the same experiences as we do. Sorry for the long post but I think it gives a clear picture of what we are facing. 

My 8yo son has no diagnosis of ASD but it has been suggested to us by GPs and the SENCO at school. However, know one is over fussed by it as he is very bright and causes no problems at school. The only concern that the school has is his sensitivity to pain.

Over the last 4 years there has been a number of incidences where he has hurt himself and not told anyone as he says it doesn't hurt. It's only been the visible bump on his head that we know he has done it. He's most recent bump to the back of his head he cut it open and it was only when he started feeling sick at school they checked him over and found the cut. When asked why he didn't tell anyone he said it didn't hurt when he did it so didn't go to medical. This resulted in a trip to A&E and a suspected mild concussion. 

Other incidences include extremely bad ear infections where they think he may have even perforated both ear drums. We only knew there was a problem when he became very poorly. He never complained once that his ears hurt. After this we knew what to look out for and he has had a couple more since. At the moment he has a bad case of tonsillitis again not complaining of a sore throat just a head ache. 

The opposite can be said however, to small things such as a paper cut or catching himself on a pin. He will scream out in pain and sob uncontrollably until it is dealt with and insist on having a plaster on it as it hurts so much (even if there is no blood drawn). 

I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and how do you help your child to recognise this and deal with it them selves. 

Thanks for taking the time to read I appreciate any help you can give.