Parents continue to be nasty

A few months a go I put a thread on here which talked about my parents and how they are treating me. I was given lots of advice to try and help cope with it and I took the advice, however despite doing that my parents are still being nasty to me. I have tried several times to explain to them why I feel the way I do and only get told to leave, that it’s a wonder I have any friends etc. My friends know about what’s going on and have said to me that I should try not to take any notice of what my parents say as it’s BS and they know otherwise and that they clearly don’t know their own daughter that well. 

My my friends have said to me that I should have nothing to do with my parents as they are putting me down and making me feel I’m nasty when that’s not the case. 

I have now suggested to my parents that I think it would be a good idea if I moved out as we clearly aren’t helping each other. They said it was ridiculous, but after being told I’m a C word, they wish they’d never had me, how I’m nasty, they want nothing to with me, and that I’m causin the family to divorce, I think it would be better. I am at my happiest when I’m with my four closest friends and not them so I think it would help but my parents won’t accept and will not accept that it is them causing me to feel like this as when I’m not around them I’m fine. They have booked a holiday to the US fir all of us, however the welfare person at college said that I shouldn’t go as my parents are causing me to become depressed. I have tried to explain that I think it would be a better idea if I didn’t go, but they say they won’t forgive me. The welfare person said that it’s not up to them regardless of whether they’ve booked the holiday and that I should not go as I need to be away from them. They never understand where I come from though and whilst I am not an ungrateful person I do think the welfare person is right here. 

My parents have always been too nosy and treated me like I’m seriously disabled which just angers me more as I’m not. They said that I’m not allowed to talk to my friends when I’m upset even if it’s about them but it’s not up to them. I can’t get anything through to my parents and am struggling to live s happy life I’m with them. How do I go about telling them that it would be better if I didn’t come? And that I should move out as I feel I’ve exhausted all the options and really can’t live with them due to how they treat me and the above