Aspergers ADHD and PMT/PMS

Hi, this is my first post so take it easy with me.

Im a young hyperactive female and get very irregular periods, my G.P has put me on the pill to help see if it will help to regulate my periods and also with the crazy hormones.

I get PMS or whatever you want to call it so bad, it’s like I first get really really tired and angry and way way to irrational about things and everything and eventually I get quite suicidal and self harm and just have this strange and immense feeling of sadness and doom. Does anyone else get into this kind of state..

I’m nearly 30years old and I feel like somehow I’m getting too old to be behaving like this, I’ve never had proper friends but in the last few years I’ve made great ones but they somehow don’t understand my autism and my anger and irrational behaviour. I don’t understand it either. And as my periods are so irregular it’s very hard to know what is going on when it happens, when I get so so angry about everything and very upset. The G.P said that a healthy diet, sleep and exercise helps but I’m very fit and healthy and it don’t help.

Im single and happy and never want kids I just want this crazy behaviour to stop or at least be tolerable and more understandable.