I am new to this WHOLE "Internet/post/thread/blog" business... but I am NOT new to being able to write lucidly or how to use computers at all. NAS gives some "rules" but they are not all that clear. Mostly they say that you should do things which 'are okay as if the entire affair were RATED UNDER 15 if it were a classified as a movie'. But AUTISTIC persons like me make mistakes in "INTERNET-MANNER" without realising it... and so this "thread" or whatever invites rules CLARIFYING anything. I hope anyone understands, and "posts" something helpful.
For examples: One *not* stated rule seems to be: DO NOT WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS! But there seems to be no other way to emphasise certain words, e.g. no ITALLICS are available.
Another thing I have noticed is that people are very quick to tap the "unlike" button, but are much less likely to tap the "like" button, even in giving a genuine "Thank You", and yet all "views" are counted anyway.
Lastly, on some devices, "hints and tips" flashes up and then disappears so fast, that it is as if it is only there to satisfy "legal reasons" rather than to be helpful to anyone...
...I also attempt to start this "thread/blog" in apology at anyone I have so far "offended" but I don't know WHY OR HOW I did so!
Thus I also appreciate feedback about "understanding" or "hate" in general - for "AUTISTIC people on the Internet" ONLY (not concerning society in general, please)... For even here, on NAS, there seems to be no-place where Autistic Adults THEMSELVES have a forum... or for those "Autistic 'children' who know how to program a computer"...?

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