Claiming ESA and PIP diagnosed with Aspergers

Has anyone diganosed with Autism or Aspergers been sucessful in their claim with ESA or PIP? I claimed PIP but I wasn't sucessful I am going through the appeal process. 

I have since found too, I could quite possibly be entiled to ESA as how much my aspergers impacts my life in so many ways going back as far as pre-school. 

Does anyone have any experiences advice or pointers that they could give me. I have read online there is a certain group you have to go to if you claim ESA can the DWP do that with someone with aspergers Syndrome is claiming? As part of their disablity is socializing, change, things out of the blue and coping with life outside of the house. 

Thank you.

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  • Hi I get both ESA and DLA(previous to PIP).  I have done for a long time, even before the Autism diagnosis, as I need support to do things.  Read the forms well and be brutally honest.  If you can't do something without support or someone with you then tell them in your own words, giving them an idea of what you go through.

    I have been on DLA for about 10 years, I was on a lifetime award. I'm dreading the new PIP form when it drops through the letter box.  It is supposed to turn up sometime now - I dread seeing the postman coming to our flat!

    Hope you get wht you need.


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