What did everyone do for Easter yesterday?

Hi not posted anything fun for a while so let’s start up again what did everyone do at Easter yesterday? Me I was going to cook chicken dinner for me and my friend we were going to circus eruption to practice circus skills then back over mine for chicken dinner and all the trimmings, but sadly he canceled as he been really ill for the last 10 days with a nasty virus but is now on the mend yay. Instead I slept in then just played computer games all day while stuffing myself with chocolate and wine lovely chill day for me. 

  • We did an Easter egg hunt with the boys in the morning and then went to a local aviation museum for the afternoon. Then went to dinner at friends, it was nice but as always I go quiet when I feel I need to be back home. I seem to manage socialising for a period but when it’s enough I’m just getting myself through it. This is something I have noticed and realised since the realisation that I mask in those situations. 

  • That sounds like it was good fun. I used to do Easter egg hunts with my brother and sisters.

  • We do it every year since my boys were born but they are getting a bit old for it. Having said that they love chocolate though.

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