Forum creative space

I thought it might be nice to share our creativity.

Anything really, photography, art, writing etc etc.

Thanks to Steven for partly inspiring this thread.

Please include a visual description with any images to aid those of us with sight impairment.

Thank you.

I'll start:

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  • I know that word play very well and it so often surprises me when others don’t get it because it always makes so much sense in my head!!!!!

    Nice to meet you too.Vulcan

  • PS....Nice to meet you MArt.....not sure I've said hi Hi.  I think I confuse many people, and often my word play only often plays out successfully in my own head.  Presume that I know what ever I am trying to do, but I don't recommend trying to "get it" all the time.  Madness and autism are not mutually exclusive!

  • No.....I know.  Time is the only resource.

  • Thanks

    Light and Shade that’s me in a nutshell.

    My, Tick Tock is not a reference to the App.

  • Byte Dance is the company that owns Tic Toc.

    We have a problem in the UK with tick bites in certain parts of the country.

    I mished the two = welcome to the complicated and confusing world of Number's.

  • Just, wow!

    I'm looking at marts art and thinking how wonderfully "accessible" it is to me, then realise that just as I am feeling a bit connected, one of the posters who I do feel I have a working and pleasant understanding of posts "Tick - bite" and I'm back to being like the boy on the TV who says "what does that mean?"