Drs put me on Fluoxetine?

As some of you may have seen my last post, I was out on Sertraline.

apparently it’s has the same side effects, but I’ve been given Fluoxetine. Dr told me that if Sertraline does work for you, Fluoxetine will.

Again, he didn’t tell me the side effects and I had to google them myself. 

Has this worked for you? Have you been on both drugs and felt any different? 

  • My Wife's son in on Fluoxetine (Prozac) - he is fine but does have very vivid dreams and it can make you a bit tired.  I think it is better tolerated than Sertraline but is probably more expensive which is why you don't get it first.

  • I used to be on fluoxetine, it helped a fair bit.. that was a few years ago, must admit I preferred it over Sertraline. Got less side effects etc, but obvs everyone is different, try not to do too much googling and worry yourself. Fingers crossed for you Blush Good luck

  • early in my Prozac experience I experienced a tendancy towards acting out my internal aggressions.

    Then I got a weird idea stuck in my head, that seemed utterly true, and which I should act on, that only my usual process of "testing reality" saved me from. (That I recognised as a serious psychological issue, that was both new to me, outside of strong psychedelics, but it was worse) 

    Later I did act out my aggression on someone (who admittedly was bullying me and "asking for" it badly, but for people like me a double standard kicks in if we actually fight back, so I usually find a better solution to such problems) which had more serious consequences than feeling lost and miserable all the time. 

    I discontinued the drug against my doctors advice, and I decided to "man up" and become my own doctor in these matters for a while, at least until I see some evidence that they really know what they are doing with depressed and distressed patients.

    Because, after all, at the end of the day as a man I am biologically equipped & compelled to try and TAKE CHARGE of a situation if no-one else is already doing it right. It's written in my genes. (And on my jeans too, it says "Wrangler"!) 

    1. Prozac.. boom!! I’m on fluoxetine 40mg… they’re nothing like Sertraline. Nothing at all like Sertraline.. 

    I’m unmotivated, I’m lazy, I don’t eat,… I still rock back and forward, pace etc.. Sertraline made me do this 100mph 100% of my free time.. fluoxetine I still do this but is a lazy way.. my mind it’s coping better with changes and things that’s take over my mind.. but they’re not for me again.. but I have to stay on them longer I was told today before we change. 

    Sertraline I was bouncing off the walls and overwhelmed with the adrenaline, moving so fast but anxiety was killing me.

    now on fluoxetine, I can’t be assed and let things slide,. Used like a tool, nod and agree,. Just do it with 0 motivation.

    diazepam makes me feel normal, I play with my kids, communicate.. play guitar, Xbox etc.. but hey   

    please,. This is my experience. We are all different.. 

  • https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/fluoxetine-prozac/

    Same thing, different people, different effects. We are NOT all the same...

    I found Prozac too dodgy for me by half.

    I've got a mate who's been on it for years and mostly he shows none of the effects I experienced, BUT they do crop up briefly for him, based on what he has told me in confidence. 

    I found the not being able to trust myself to "do no harm" instantly unacceptable, although I admit it felt good to be able to "hand a bit back for a change".

    Until it didn't...

    1. Dude, I did write this at the bottom of my post..  I was on Sertraline 200mg for 5yrs and fluoxetine 8mths
  • Sorry chap, it looks very much like I responded to what I read, and not what you wrote!

    It can happen, thanks for pointing it out..

  • We are all different and respond differently due to our genetic makeup. I wish I could find any tablet that would help my mood.    and I've tried about 30. None helped

  • I was on fluoxetine for many years and to some extent I found it helpful - especially in the early months of taking it but just recently I've suffered a major shutdown so the mental health nurse has put me on sertraline.  Started on 50 but am now on 150.  To be honest I'm not sure if they work or not.  I certainly still feel incredibly anxious and very low (I can't leave the house alone) but I'm very nervous that if I stop them I'll feel even worse.  I'm now waiting to see a therapist and I'm trying to get help from my employers health assured scheme to see if this, together with the medication, will help with me returning to work because I must admit right now I just can't imagine working again.  

  • Have you tried dope? Some people report positive results with depression and at least if it doesn't suit you, stopping is easy and safe compared to pharmaceuticals..