anyone else get this when they go out?

so today i went out, had to go to specsavers appointment, plus i was also switching a big wad of old 20s to new 20s.

anyways on way home group of 3 topless prettyboy lads walk past me and as they walk past close one of them jerks at me as if to feign a attack and shouts "BOOO" in my face... like total stranger for no reason.... anyone else get this type of crap when they go out? or is this just me that gets random strangers tryna intimidate me for no reason?

anyway, why the feck should a stranger even bother to interact with a random stranger they pass? especially in this way? what if i hit the guy, does he think of this? ofcourse hes probably confident as he had 2 mates with him and i was just me..... tbh if i wasnt carrying a sizable amount of money id have gladly tried to see if they could all live up to their image. as for image my brain always judges everyone as larger than me, but thinking on it perhaps they maybe larger in body but definately not in muscle tone. 1v1 with one of them would be interesting if i didnt have anything to lose on me, and perhaps if it wasnt so hot. 

i guess its just todays society and crappy upbringing of a entire generation of scum. 

anyway if anyone wants to know the town that has scum like this in, its wigan. if you want to avoid scum then avoid wigan. id guess all sizable towns are like this though? 
is it perhaps that we need to bring back smacking kids? ... smack them while they are kids so that they dont need to be smacked harder by a total stranger when they are a adult when they try intimidate that stranger?

  • The parents couldn't give a c**p. If you confront their kids, they'll end up suing you; with Legal Aid.

    Yes, I no longer regret being smacked as a boy. Growing up, I was a Wimp. But I had to teach myself how to be a man.

  • i was always the runt too, even after high school and well into my 20s i only weighed like 6 stone, plus im like 5 foot 7 or something lol, so i always view people as bigger than me, even though that may have changed now as im closer to 10 stone now with all muscle i put on from training and martial arts and so on. i still have the same mindset as when i was a 6 stone runt and see everyone as larger when they probably might not be. although these lads probably were larger in height and width maybe, i dunno its hard to tell due to how i view everyone as always being superior in size lol but yeah not as toned as me for sure as barely noticable abs on them. id have said they were early to mid 20s. couldnt take all 3 for sure, but 1 of them could maybe have been good match... i always assume these types are trained in bjj or mma at least by default so always assume they can handle themselves.... thats the go to martial arts choices these days for disrespectful hooligans. totally wouldnt risk anything while carrying so much money though lol still shouted "wanker" at them, cant let someone disrespect you without even a word to it lol

  • Their bark is ALWAYS worse than their bite.

  • aye, and they only bark when they have their group with them. they never bark alone.

  • As a child I got the BOOO at school and at home.  My father hated me because I wasn't built like a rugby player 

  • i generally avoided my father and stayed up stairs in my room. but hey ho i guess he brought me up better than these disrespectful kids turned out.

    i kinda expect this type of behaviour to end once they leave school though. they are adults, they should try acting like adults. our ancestors would be shamed of the way they act... any interaction with stranger should be polite and considerate, in our ancestors day they probably was very polite and called you sir even lol look how far our culture has degraded into pointless uncontrolled barbarism, its only gonna get worse and less civil until its turned around in a very harsh way, and the longer it goes the more harsh you need to be to fix it. id point out japans culture in how we should be like, or how we once was like. they are very considerate and polite to one another.

  • I'm so sorry to hear you had to deal with this. Kids are horrible. I faced this my entire childhood and teenage years and to this day I'm scared to walk past big groups of youths. My mum always said to me growing up - and now I say this to kids I teach who are going through similar things, and it's something that we need to carry with us throughout life; it doesn't just apply to children and teenagers - sometimes people can tell when you're scared inside or perhaps a little bit different, and so they pick on you because it makes them feel better about themselves, which is wrong and says a lot more about them than it does about you. These just sound like badly brought up, ill-mannered, thick louts, who feel the need to intimidate a stranger in an immature, pathetic way to make their lives feel meaningful in that moment. Pity them, then move on and don't give them another thought (although of course that's much easier said than done).

  • it was odd for me this time because usually i get anxious at the thought of walking past stranger that may try say anything or interact and would feel a anxious tic coming most times, but i guess this time i was probably more confident or defensive probably because i was carrying stuff i didnt wanna lose maybe and would have maimed them as much as possible to keep hold of my money if they tried anything. or maybe the heat just made me in a not so bothered mood, had walked like maybe 6 miles to that point in the heat and very hot and sweaty by that point.

  • Just the other day, a work colleague was crossing the road at the traffic lights and a van revved it's engine as if it was going to go. My colleague ran, despite it being green for pedestrians. She turned around and there were three chaps in the van laughing at her. Some people are just cruel for their own amusement. Best to ignore them. I've never found that confronting that kind of behaviour works. I just hope that the less people look interested in it, the less likely they are to bother doing it in the future.