Tea or coffee ?

I’m just finishing my 23rd coffee of the day and just wondered what hot drink other people prefer?

Are you a coffee drinker or do you prefer tea

or perhaps you like herbal tea or hot chocolate

or something else? ( hot Ribena ! ) 

do u drink decaffeinated or the real  McCoy

How do you take your tea/coffee/other,,,,,,,,,,,   with sugar, chocolate, a mouthful of imperial mints !!

builders tea what is it ?


  • It depends on the circumstances.

    With tea, I am very selective, I can only drink certain brands: Thompson's, Ringtons, Waitrose gold blend.  So I buy these and drink four or five cups a day, with full cream milk and two sugars.

    I find other brands, such as Yorkshire tea or decaffeinated tea, to be totally disgusting and undrinkable.

    With coffee,  I can drink almost any brand.

    So at home I drink tea 99% of the time.

    Away from home, I always choose coffee.

  • Is the 23rd a slight exaggeration perhaps? If not, it sounds just a bit like an addiction.I would have my doubts about how healthy that is, as i sometimes worry about my own caffeine intake. I remember long ago house-sharing with a guy who had lived in Kenyan and who used to import really buzzy Kenyan ground coffee. We knew it was definitely a stimulant, but one day I made the mistake of giving a mug of (black) to someone who had just had to give up college because he had some sort of heart murmur. He was almost immediately totally wired, and he had to be calmed down for the next hour or so.

    But I am definitely a hot drink fanatic, and it has served me very well during the Covid era, while people who indulge in the plastic mugs of iced drinks have been dropping like flies. Early breakfast = a full cafetiere of black ground espresso (no sugar); about 4 mugs. But they get consumed over a fairly long period of the morning. midday = a pot of herbal tea (no sugar & milk. No way!) About three mugs, but in no hurry. Savour it! Currently, I am using mulberry leaves grown in my own garden. (The fruit isn't in season here at the moment.) Early evening = black tea, no milk & sugar. Sometimes it's teabags in a pot, but loose leaves are preferred. Three mugs, over a fairly long period. The problem is I can't get Malaysian Boh tea leaves at the moment. (Pasteurised milk and yoghurt are  reserved only for real muesli.) I can also get limes from the garden to put in hot drinks. Or just slice up a bit of ginger. A recent innovation is the addition of a few splashes of pineapple vinegar. Good for the throat, whereas iced drinks aren't. Better than throat lozenges! Having been involved in a performance art (second language teaching) in a hot country, you really do have to look after your voice. And no air-conditioners! I used to be a wood butcher, but I never did so-called builder's tea. Just hot water in the flask cup and swirl around a teabag in it for a few seconds until it is the right colour (with no milk). Use the bag more than once.

  • 2 cups of full caffeine tea with breakfast, 1 decaf coffee at 10:30am (ideally from the local coffee shop) then decaf tea the rest of the day. I try to get my 2 litres of fluid a day so mix hot drinks with 50/50 orange juice, squash or just water. Lately I’ve taken to drinking a pint of apple cider vinegar once a day too. When I say pint, I mean about 1cm in the bottom of a glass, the rest water.

  • yea i sorta do that as well,,, I  start on caffeine coffee then switch to non-caffeine coffee and tea in the afternoon.

    I also keep an eye out for barley based "coffee" as an alternative from developing countries and RooBoos/RoiBos teas ( from south africa ) which I am really getting into. 

  • no i tend to work in cup of coffee/tea bursts of work. I work while i have a hot coffee/tea when its cold, i stop and make more and repeat the cycle. I am addicted to the habit of coffee/tea and cant be without it.

    similar to your mulberry leafs i have tried blackberry leaves form my garden which where actually ok.

    I am having issues getting decaffeinated tea and coffee from ASDA. The shelf packers told me ASDA is reducing its range after being taken over by its latest owner.

    I also prefer loose tea leaves as opposed to teabags --- It is just better tea I think.

    I'll try the pineapple vinegar just for something different. Using Vinegars are something I never even considered but change is always good.  

  • I dont know what Yorkshire Tea means but my son loves it ! 

    I tend to drink ground coffee,  but do also take the odd instant coffee when i a hurry to get out the door

    I am deliberately 50/50% tea/coffee in that I alternate coffee/tea/coffee through each working day.

    I used to drink coffee with full cream but now its semi-skimmed milk which I know is not as nice as cream Slight smile

  • I dont know what Yorkshire Tea means

    Round ere, it's a well known brand.

    I find it to be disgusting and it tastes like polluted dishwater.

    In one place I worked. Yorkshire tea was the only brand available in their kitchen.

  • As a child I never had coffee at home, it was always tea.  My mother insisted on Chinese loose leaf tea bought in metal tins like these.

    We drank the tea, black, with lemon slices or juice, or black Ribena juice, never with milk.   It really stained my teeth.

  • I like weak, milky, black tea or strongish coffee with lots of milk. Both with one teaspoon of sugar. I drink de-caffeinated coffee on a daily basis, as caffeine tends to trigger migraines. However, I treat myself to a caffeinated latte or macchiato when I'm out and about.

  • Coffee first thing with semi skimmed  milk and a shot of vanilla flavouring in place of sugar.  Try to stick to 2 cups a day although I do like a nice cup of tea after going for a run milk and half a teaspoon of sugar.  I've tried de-caffeinated coffee and it doesn't seem to make any difference to me.