Explaining what ASD is.

I may have a job interview coming up soon and they know I'm Autistic. When I disclosed it to my current employer at HR they asked me what it is, how does it affect me. I explained its a spectrum and everyone is different, but its like asking someone to explain what being 'normal' or 'NT' is like. Being Autistic is normal, and as we're born with it and don't know any different. Does anyone have any advice on how to sum it up quickly, incase  its brought up in the interview? I get mind blank in certain situations, like shut down. I'm anxious incase they think being Autistic will have a negative effect on them employing me. Thankyou.

  • I might point out your strengths. Many can critically evaluate and problem solve in much more efficient ways than NeuroTypical individuals. We all seem to love clear and direct communication. One of the biggest issues with How Autistic Individuals communicate is that it tends to feel 'offensive' or 'rude' for NeuroTypicals. I like to tell others my Telepathy skills are wanting. And gently reinforce with phrases like, "gosh I really wish I could understand what you're saying"

    It's importnat to remember that Autism isn't sort of an Anything Goes 'disability'. It's now being called ASC: Autistic Spectrum Condition. I like this chap's explanations www.youtube.com/watch

  • Thankyou for your reply  I will take what you said with me in my notes. That's helpful. You're right about direct speech. I often find myself decoding work emails or what someone has just said to me. 

    The youtube guy is good. I'm subscribed to him Thumbsup

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