Stress, shutdown and complete switch off

I have been trying to explain this for while and as I’m getting older it’s becoming more and more a problem.

ings I cannot prioritise such as tasks, money, life and behaviour I need to do, can get on top of me and I completely shut down. I go into deep panic attack and my brain and body just do not cooperate. 

this means I am no longer in action and the thing u was attempting to manage becomes even more impossible and I go into an even deeper state of panic that things will not get done. They sometimes don’t, I attempt to do them best I can and I do it wrong most of the time. This isn’t a problem with panic as much as it is my inability to manage things and then the panic happens. 
I would truly appreciate some help. Please don’t give advice on how to manage stress. The stress is secondary at the moment to the life management skills I do not have.

  • Hi, I used to be the same...still am to some degree but am a lot more able to manage now than before. Can I ask what it is that you struggle with most? Is it figuring out what is a more important task? Knowing how to do the task? Or is it the actual doing of the task that is the problem? 

  • Do or Do Not.  There is no try.

    Make a checklist and do it by the numbers.

    My own little bit of mismanagement was buying a transit van two years ago and taking up until now to put a bed in it.  I was originally planning on turning it into a campervan over a year ago.  Im maybe 20% the way there.  It takes me a long time to do anything.  But I will complete it.  I have a checklist.

    Everything I do has to be forced or i will avoid everything.