Working for a call centre!

I have recently been working for a call center, due to covid it was a viable option as it was homebased. 

The first week was rough the predicted crash course with fries like any other major corporation. 

I felt stress as I was not trained properly for the job but as the weeks progressed I adapted and learnt on the job, I suppose like everyother person. 

I started to feel really burnt-out at the end of the day and this week past I've been completely exhausted yesterday I had such chest pains that I threw up, my head was sweating and I was dizzy.

Has anyone ever felt like this in a similar role. 

I feel bad, what ever job I do the stress of it alway makes me ill mentally I just push myself through but yesterday I really felt I was going to die, I know that's melodramatic but that how I experienced my situation, plus it being cover incarceration year where I live the doctors surgery isn't even answering the phone not that they did before I suppose. 

  • I tried working in a call centre on a technical helpline. Although I easily passed a knowledge test about the subject, I found doing the job difficult for example trying to understand many different accents, the multi tasking involved (listening, putting information into the system, coming up with a solution and putting it in to words). Looking back, I think that my being on the spectrum caused the problems.  My tongue ached because of the ammount of extra talking I had to do. I didn't last long in the job. Also, I had unpleasant dreams at night.

  • yes i forgot about accents some people i had no idea what they were saying :)

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  • Yeah, the place I worked at lost their main contract in the city so the staff who weren't brought back into local council contracts were fired soon after but the training wasn't brilliant and they covered all of this north London council's services like registrars who you could never get hold of....was a nightmare.

  • OMG someone phoned me up once in the job from a place called Lossiemouth in Scotland. He talked very quickly and I just said 'what? Lossie. Mouth?' at the end. A really broad Scottish accent.