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I thought I would reach out on here as I have always struggled with dealing with obsessions. I get an idea in my head and will research for hours about it, but I know that the obsession will be replaced by something else in a matter of time.

The obsessions consume my head a lot of the time and no matter what people say to me I can’t get the obsession out of my head. I was wondering if anyone could share how they deal with obsessions-especially ones that aren’t very realistic for example climbing Mount Everest or something like that! Is there a way of controlling /managing this?

Thank you in advance 

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  • I havent really been able to stop them yet but I can now see them coming and going, so I know like you said, "oh this is just a temporary thing". I dont  have extreme ones like climbing mount everest ! thank heavens but i came close  when I completed a walk across country in dark and over a small mountain. No roads allowed. No reason, just an obsession. Arrived home both feet bleeding.

    my meditation practice helps me see through thoughts now, and their tricks, so eventually I will be able to push these out. 

    heres a trick to cause a gap --- say to yourself "my next thought will be ........."  feel a space ?  this should cause a small gap where you then stick something like a silly mantra eg "one","two",Three","four"   keep saying the mantra for 10 minutes  to weakening the obsession thoughts. reapeat each day against teh obsession.

    they can be quite stressful when they refuse to go, especially when driving.  A walk while saying a mantra "sponge","bob",square","pants" to my walking rythmn is my next "tryout". It always clears my mind. Slight smile

  • thank you for your reply, I think meditation practice might be very useful, and using mantras too , thank you 

  • Hi Ellie, unfortunately, this is one of our curses.

    For me, I tuned my childhood obsession with Electronics into a career. 

    You need to find an obsession that is productive, achievable and hopefully relatively cheap? Try and reason with yourself and ask the question is this obsession productive or achievable. Clearly, climbing Mount Everest is out of reach for pretty much everyone, except experienced climbers. Try and talk yourself out of an obsession with logic and reasoning. Sooner or later something new will come and take over your world.

    My current obsession is Astrophotography. A few years ago I bought a telescope but soon got bored of it. A friend at work puts some really great photos on Facebook and so when he was selling his telescope,  I bought it.

    BUT, I kept on reading and watching YouTube videos and decided I needed a different mount, camera and just recently spent £2.5K on new telescope gear. If i can't get it to work, I will probably get fed up quickly and just give up. Already the £700 telescope i bought from the friend is now obsolete, basically because I rushed into things without asking myself the tough questions.

    Although, I don't meditate, I find listening to music using SleepPhones in a dark room (preferably in bed or on it with a weighted blanket) helps. I also find AMSR helps de-stress me.

    I'm afraid there are no easy answers and the more stressed or unhappy you are, the more stronger  your obsessions are going to be. It takes time to control those urges,  so its best to try and fill your time in other ways :(