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On the back of Patak's Rogan Josh curry sauce it tells you to fry peppers in oil before adding the sauce. My tip is fry an onion and a pepper in butter instead. After the sauce has cooked add some cream and chopped parsley. I had this for tea and it was better than a lot of takeaways I've had. I'm still savouring the flavours an hour later.

If you want an easy meal and you hate cooking time-consuming things or doing lots of pots, cook some oven chips and sausages in one tray and serve with some chopped raw cabbage and a good quality mayonnaise such as Fox's Lemon and Avocado. The difference in flavour between an average and top quality mayo is vast and as it's something you'll store in the fridge is worth that little extra investment. I have to say I think the Dutch and Belgians deserve credit where it's due, it's so much nicer having mayo with chips rather than vinegar.

Another fairly easy meal is a paella. Buy some bomba rice to make one. Chop up an onion, carrot and two cloves of garlic small, then fry them in olive oil in a large frying pan. Also add some chopped up bacon, sausage, chicken, whatever meat you want - or vegan sausages. Then add some salt, pepper and dried rosemary to get lovely flavour in. Now take a few strands of saffron out of the spice jar and put them in a very small bowl and add some boiling water. The saffron will leech out its flavour and colour into the water, which after a few minutes you can add to your pan. After adding the saffron and water, pour in however much rice you want (100-150g per person I'd suggest) and add a big load of boiled water to cover all the rice. Start cooking on a medium-high heat (on a scale of 1-6, 1 lowest setting, 6 highest, I'd recommend 4). Have plenty more boiled water ready at all times and just keep topping up whenever rice is getting above the water. Keep stirring at least once a minute if t here's any sign of bits of rice rising above the water, but you don't think more water is needed yet. Test the rice by putting a fork in and eating a bit every few minutes. Once it's soft, keep cooking until the water has all gone, then pull off the heat and add some chopped parsley and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Drizzle over a little circle of olive oil too. 

-- Interesting fact about saffron actually. As well as being the most expensive spice in the world it's been found by some researchers to be no less effective than antidepressants prescribed by doctors in treating depression. (Link:,analysis%20published%20in%20Human%20Psychopharmacology.)

  • Well, this is making me hungry!

    I've gotten into cooking recently. I dabble on and off anyway, but I always get frustrated when I can't find the right ingredients or they are too pricey.

    I recently got a Hello Fresh box free from a friend so I've been doing those this week, and it's really handy having all the right ingredients already picked out for you.

    I'm not quite as fast at chopping things up as I think the instructions want me to be though!

    Cooking can be quite therapeutic, I think. Slight smile

  • I'm hungry too! Slight smile

    you made anything you really enjoyed recently?

    Yeah it can be therapeutic. My ideal group of friends would be ones where we'd all go round each other's house and cook meals for one another.

    It is annoying when ingredients are pricey. I went through a phase of cooking where I'd do recipes from cookbooks and I'd be buying all these ingredients I'd use once, and there were so many of them.

    I tend to go for more simple recipes now. Usually I don't cook Asian food because the list of ingredients is so long. British, French and Italian recipes are often manageable with how many ingredients they ask you to have.

  • I just had Super Noodles and Bird's Eye peas for lunch.

    I'm a grazer - I eat often. My meals aren’t particularly big, but I just want to knock hunger on the head.

    For breakfast, I'm returning to Weetabix. The bagel place at my local village has had an effect down below. Now, I'm regular again.

  • I enjoy the taste of Super Noodles, and often even enjoyed them more than a freshly cooked meal, but they would have a likewise effect on my alimentary canal as the bagels did for you.

  • I’m on a twiglets craze at the moment I go from one food craze to the next.

  • I've have a few food crazes too. For a while I'd eat Scottish tablet every day. It's like fudge but harder. I got hooked when I was on holiday in Edinburgh.

  • I’ve just tried the peanut butter Kit Kat I think a new food craze is about to start Chocolate bar