Is my relationship toxic?

I've been dating a guy for x number of years (we have an anniversary this month) but ever since my autism diagnosis last year, things haven't really felt the same. He wasn't all that supportive of me at first and didn't like the fact that I was a student. I dropped out of studies and up until Covid-19 saw each other a lot of the time. He has a real issue every time I become friendly with someone and I add them on FB for example. He admitted being insecure and protective of me however his actions have caused me to cut off contact with some old friends due to this. I've made some new friends recently through something I do in the community and they want to add me on FB, but I've been too anxious to accept them in case this happens again. I was in an abusive relationship in my mid-teens prior to this relationship and have had minor flings with a few other guys again prior to this relationship. I was dumped often for not being in 'the mainstream' and not wanting to get sexual. I still don't want to now and my current bf sometimes forgets this.

I cried about it to a family member the other day, since the bullies kept telling me that I will die alone and now, I'm definitely feeling that will happen to me. I'm far too scared to end it with my bf, since I really don't know what he will do towards me. Most likely blackmail or troll me online. If I stay, however, I run the risk of not being able to spend time with others which even is tricky with my autism anyway, getting closer to someone else may kick off more problems. I feel extremely trapped and want to die. Please someone help?!

  • Dump him - he's a creep and things will only get worse if you stay with him.      This covid thing is just a blip in life - it will get better - so don't lower your standards for fear of being alone - you are worth more than that. 

    facebook - dump everyone who is not a REAL friend - they add no value to you and you owe them nothing.   It's a fake world where people control you by bullying - don't put up with it - you don't have to.

  • He sounds very controlling and agree with Plastic that you should get rid.  I know how awful it can be feeling that you will never 'fit' but that's not true - you've just not found your people yet.  I am 34 and until I was 27 had very few friends and no relationships.  I now have a small handful of friends that accept me and a long term partner that does the same. You should be discriminating - you are valuable and unique and there will be people that see that in time. 

  • Don't think it's a good idea to let anyone control you like that. There's probably not much he can do to really hurt you, rise above it I say.