where to go if you strugglewith social situations and are in need of help

So I stupidly told the person who was running cbt, why i was stressed. I need to get out of what Im pretty sure is a long time narsasist relationship. I need out, the whole story is very complicated but i listened to this person for over 15 years, his logic and reasoning, even if it made me uncomfortable as 'he knew best' Various things happened, if i spoke up i was told I worry too much, I'm crazy, I over think. Back then I had no clue about ASD. I just struggled making friends, knowing what to do in social situations etc. Always felt out of place, born out of era, told by others I was naieve, too nice. I can now see I couldnt keep myself safe

I actually believed I was crazy like they said, but with all I was put through and undiagnosed I can see now why I had a breakdown!

I need to get free from this relationship now my eyes are open. But I feel more stressed having asked for help! Im just recieving confusing phone calls and no idea what their purpose is.I wanted practical advice as I cant work out a way out, sounds insane but I cant. 

I now have to deal with my situation and deal with these people calling, so stressed. 

I decided tonight I tell him to move out, I have it all in my head, I have been over it loads in my head. i will do this in the garden, so if he kicks off I can run indoors, I cant live like this anymore and have to live with my mistakes and regrets which replay over and over daily since they happened

Where do you go when you have no one? You cant get hold of anyone as the services are stretched, when you do reach out you get more stress.