The 'New Normal' ??

so I thought after a few months lock down the aim was to go back to how life was? but noticed a lot lately newscasters etc using this phrase  getting back to 'the new normal'?

But what is it?  and does it include vulnerable and shielded people?  are they saying if you're in this group isolation will be your 'new normal' and you'll never be able to go to group family events again?

The daily update has not mentioned if rules are changing for vulnerable and shielded groups on 1st June?...or when they're talking about stage 2 (June) and stage 3 (July) at which point people in the vulnerable groups are safe to meet up with family again?

Also I can't find any info for things like ..if one family member had also been isolating why can't we chat and have a BBQ in the garden? .. if neither of us have been out in public for 2 months or have any symptoms?  How much greater is the risk if someone whose part of a larger family wants to visit you? (where they've still been going out shopping and members returning to work etc so you've no idea who they've been in contact with and more chance they could bring it into your home?)

Should window cleaners be coming to homes where people are self isolating? Surely they are potentially bringing the virus to you? They also don't seem to consider if you haven't been out for 2 months you haven't been to cash machine to have money to pay them!