Autism levels

I was diagnosed with ASD before the changes, although they were imminent. 

Although I generally meet/met criteria for Asperger's (prior to the changes), I am not at all functional without significant support. This has led me to wonder about what level I am. I feel my support needs are more significant than level 1 (needing support), and that my level is moderate (level 2).

- I can't work at all, and even voluntary work is a challenge

- Can't drive

- Need help  from my dad to manage finances and benefits

Never been in a relationship, and little prospect of this without significant support, and even then it would be hard

- No understanding of friendships, very socially isolated outside of family and support worker input

- Can talk very well and can mask quite well at times, but no deeper understanding of relationships or how to form them, and am very very rigid over routines and ways of doing things, which limits my life to a significant extent

- A very low non verbal IQ (although high verbal IQ), and several adaptive challenges (money, bills, forms, organising my living space)

So I feel, although I would have met criteria for AS before the changes, my support needs are more severe than many with AS, and that I would be Level 2.

Yet I'm confused what Level 2 really means? Not all clinicians seem to hand out Levels anyway, and it can't just be a replacement for the old subgroups? Some who were AS have very significant support needs, and as we know, AS was not a watertight diagnosis anyway.