How I become the Enemy just by being me

I find it's enviable that I become the Enemy,

This last three months I seem to have upset 5 people all without trying all I do is go to work and do the work in the proper way and return home,

thier is someone I believe who is upset with me because I haven't said good morning which to be honest I feel odd going out of my way to say this plus they haven't gone out of there way to do the same?

One person who has effectively ruined my day because they took my desk

another who is fundamental lazy and when asked  to do one of the requirements of her job she didn't want to so I highlighted it with my manager. 

Someone else who keeps calling me the man but it's in a way to condescend and I don't know how to respond, so I just smile this is starting to piss me off actually. 

And on and on. 

This is normally how I enter my depression and then have a breakdown then quit my job I hate this cycle, does anyone else experience this cycle?